Easy Setup.Elegant control.

SolControl lets you harness the power of the sun—on your terms. It lets you direct your solar power to specific items such as lights, computers, TV’s, refrigerators, and more. SolControl also gives you the capability to automate and remotely control the power usage of them. And with the insight of monitoring and feedback features, you can save energy in ways you have never imagined.

Introducing the SolControl solar smart plug.

The SolControl plug connects between your outlet and various home appliances and items. The magic starts here.

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Power is knowledge.

The SolPad app is incredibly intuitive and user friendly. This is your center for monitoring, controlling, and automating power in your own home. Do this by room or by individual appliance or item. Also customize a myriad of popular third party devices with the app’s convenient built-in growing roster of supported smart home appliances and devices.


Your own personal power broker.

SolControl can automate your home by turning appliances on and off as you enter and leave. If you left for work and left that coffee maker on, you’ll be prompted to turn it off.

SolControl can also prioritize which appliances and items throughout your home only get power from solar and not from the grid.

Let there be lights.

The SolControl solar smart plug features a convenient four-state indicator that shows you its status from afar.


Yellow indicates your item is using power from the SolPad solar cells. Green means power from the SolPad batteries. White indicates the power outlet is on. No light means it’s disabled. Immediate info at a quick glance.

SolControl also makes a great nightlight.

Keep a watch on it

In addition to the SolPad app for iOS, there is also a powerful watchOS app for even more convenience.

iconos SolControl 01 watchOS app

watchOS app

There is also a SolControl app available for your Apple smartwatch. So notifications, alerts, and controls are right there on your wrist.

iconos SolControl 02 Gridometer


Get your power game on. The Gridometer will show you how much power you are pulling or putting back into the grid. The goal is zero, right in the middle.

iconos SolControl 03 Auto away

Auto away

SolControl conveniently turns on or off home devices and appliances as you arrive and leave your house or apartment through geofencing technology.

iconos SolControl 04 Smart power delivery

Smart power delivery

SolControl automatically delivers the exact amount of solar power needed to all your legacy and popular third party smart appliances. Now you can decide what you want to power, when you want to power.

iconos SolControl 05 Auto sensing

Auto sensing

Forgot your phone but need to turn something on? SolControl detects when you are trying to turn something on by sensing changes on the power cord from your plugged in lights, coffee maker, hairdryer and other home appliances.

iconos SolControl 06 Connectivity built-in

Connectivity built-in

SolPad Mobile is packed with communication technologies such as high speed WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, and more.

iconos SolControl 07 Blackout alert

Blackout alert

The blackout alert mode notifies you if there is ever a blackout. And through its flashlight and audio beacon, you’ll be able to find SolPad Mobile with ease.

iconos SolControl 08 Home automation

Home automation

SolPad Mobile, SolControl, and the Mobile app all work in perfect concert to make home automation a snap. Intelligently conserve energy and save money too.